Allison Stanton Doula

Allison Stanton
Birth Doula

serving clients in the East Bay.

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It is an honor to perform the important role of a doula in the birthing room. I am perpetually filled with reverence and respect as I witness birthing parents powerfully bring their babies into the world. Birth is a miraculous time of transformation; as men and women become fathers and mothers and newborns come Earthside. This is an experience that deserves to be protected, preserved, and honored. My role, as a birth doula, is to nurture the strength that is in each birthing person, and to safeguard their birth experience with informational, physical, and emotional support. Throughout pregnancy and birth, my primary goal is to support birthing couples, upholding them as active, empowered parents, making informed decisions about their birth and their baby. I recognize the very special role a doula is granted when welcomed into a birth and bring an unconditional, skillful, calming, and respectful presence.

Using techniques collected from the wisdoms of optimal fetal positioning, Birthing From Within, Lamaze, mindfulness, and yoga- and from the knowledge I’ve gained over 7 years as a doula and mother, I have a wide range of skills from which I draw for each client. I am able to change my role as needed, anticipating each birthing woman’s needs as well as her partner’s. I value that every woman and couple is as unique as each birth, and believe that developing a strong trusting relationship during pregnancy is essential. During birth I use a holistic blend of support tools including guided imagery and relaxation, positioning, massage, acupressure, and aromatherapy. Most importantly, my foundation, as a woman who has birthed, and as a birth professional, is trust in the process. I believe that birth is inherently normal and safe and will confidently provide the support you need throughout your labor.


About Me

My love for birth bloomed out of the gentle guidance and support I received from a doula throughout my first pregnancy and birth in 2010. I began serving as a doula later that year and received DONA training in 2011. At the same time, I finished my undergraduate studies at UC Berkeley in Social Welfare with an emphasis in Gender and Women Studies. In 2015, I co-founded the Bay Area non-profit, Hatch Community, which provides peer doula training and support to disadvantaged young families. Supporting women and their partners in their transition to parenthood is my sincerest passion.


Client Reviews

It’s not often a person comes into your life and has so much warmth and love to share as you have. Your skills, confidence, and caring during Chelsea’s day of labor and birth are so much appreciated
— -Two-time client
We two, on the verge of becoming three, took to Allison like falling back into rhythm with an old true friend. Her empathic understanding, communication, and availability was all our budding family could have asked for during this unfolding chapter of our lives. And her advanced knowledge put at ease the many anxieties about the role I was to play as a partner in welcoming our daughter into the world. Since that special time, my wife and I have never ceased declaring Allison the perfect compliment to the good fortune of having a beautiful, healthy baby; she is truly a gift, a sincere spirit of skilled hand and tremendous heart who helped us safely and naturally bring our family to bloom.
One Time Client, Friend For Life
— David Scott

Doula Services Include:

  • complimentary interview/consultation
  • 2 prenatal home visits and 1 postpartum visit
  • phone/email support throughout pregnancy and postpartum
  • education and assistance determining birth preferences and labor coping tools
  • continuous support throughout labor and 1-2 hours immediate postpartum
  • if desired, a chronological birth log/birth story and photos of labor and newborn

Fee $1,400

If fee is an issue, I do offer slots for sliding scale clients. Please do not let finances turn you away.

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